Magento2 Backend Developer Training

What you’ll get?

Basic, on site training, includes the following content:

  1. Preparation And Configuration
    • Preparation
    • Development environment and debugging
    • Overview and Architecture
    • File Systems
  2. Request Flow
    • Request Flow Overview
    • Request routing
    • Controller Architecture
    • Working with Controllers
    • URL Rewrites
  3. Layout systems
    • Rendering flow
  4. Working with database
    • Databases Overview
    • Models Workflow
    • EAV Workflow
    • Setup Scripts & Resources
  5. Service Contracts
    • Service Contracts Overview
    • How it’s work
  6. Adminhtml
    • Adminhtml Overview
    • Grids: Filters, Datasource, Listing UiComponent
    • Grids: Grid Indexer, Columns, Paging
    • Forms
    • Sys Config, Menu, ACL
  7. Customizing Magento2
  8. Creating a module from scratch

This agenda can be tailored according to your needs – we will focus on what you know least to, of course, improve it, keeping an eye on connecting this new kind of information with everything you’ve learned so far.