Programmatically change magento theme in runtime

Magento is that platform you can provide a solution in hundred way. But you need to know which is the best. Today I discuss about Magento theme change in runtime, that means your system work on many themes. So lets start. Today I discuss two possible way to do this.

Possible way 1:

Write below code in action to set Package and theme for the action

  Mage::getDesign()->setArea('frontend') //Area (frontend/adminhtml)
            ->setPackageName('default') //Name of Package
            ->setTheme('modern'); // Name of theme

Possible way 2 :

Overwrite Mage_Core_Model_Design in following way.


Modify loadChange method as required, I just place an example of that, see following.

public function loadChange($storeId, $date = null)
        $result = $this->getResource()
            ->loadChange($storeId, $date);

        if (!empty($result)) {
            if (!empty($result['design'])) {
                $tmp = explode('/', $result['design']);
                $result['package'] = $tmp[0];
                $result['theme'] = $tmp[1];

        // your custom code goes here
        // custom condition
        if(true) {
            $result['package'] = 'default';
            $result['theme'] = 'modern';
        return $this;

That’s it.

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